MERN Stack is used for creating a Modern Single Page Application (SPA), it is popular set of four technologies termed as MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. With these technologies we can develop scalable master web application consists of backend, front-end, and database components.

MERN Stack is a JavaScript Stack for creating Highly Scalable, Data Intensive and Real-time Fast Web Applications.

MERN Stack based on four main components or can say four main technologies, which is listed below:

  • MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data storage without using table and rows.
  • Express is a free and open-source web application framework for Node and makes backend development simpler and faster.
  • React is a JavaScript frontend library for creating Interactive user interfaces.
  • Node.js is open Source, Cross Platform and run-time environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. Quite often we used it to build backend` services also called API (Application Programming Interface)

These four technologies play important part in developing Interactive, Fast and Scalable web application.

Before MERN stack, there was another technology named as MEAN Stack, MERN Stack is variation of MEAN. MEAN Stack is also comprising of four Technologies termed as MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js. There is only one difference between both these Technologies in MEAN we have Angular.js and in MERN we have React.js. MERN Stack is commonly used for fast development of smaller application. MEAN Stack is better option for large-scale applications.

MERN relies on React.js for front-end and it is JavaScript’s Library and MEAN relies on Angular.js for front-end and it is JavaScript’s Framework. MERN Stack is created for developers to make development process easier and smoother.

Why One Chooses MERN Stack For Building Web or Mobile Application?

  1. Inexpensive: All four technologies mentioned above, MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js) are used in MERN Stack are built on single language JavaScript which makes them inexpensive, with less investment for application user will able to get the better results or output.
  1. SEO friendly: Here, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)) means that every browser can search pages of web efficiently and easily, translate and link content effectively with the search text and easily identify you in their writings database.
  2. Better performance: Better performance as client-side is based on single page architecture and required less loading, thus response with back-end and database is also faster, providing a smooth user experience.
  3. Provide the fastest delivery: Any Web applications and mobile applications created by using MERN Stack are built much faster, which also helps to provide faster delivery to our clients.
  4. Provides faster Modifications: MERN stack technologies supports quick modifications as per the client’s request in the mobile and web applications.
  5. Open Source: All four technologies involved in MERN are open source. This feature allows developers to find solutions to questions that may arise on open portfolios during development. As a result, it will be useful in the end for the developer.
  6. Easy to switch between client and server: MERN is very simple and fast because it is written in only one language. And again, it is very easy to switch between client and server.

MERN Stack Working And Layer Structure?

MERN Stack consists of 3-layer Structure, listed below –

  1. Web as front-end
  2. Server as the middle
  3. Database as backend

MERN Stack is based on these four technologies MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js, and they work on different layers to build complex, fast application and their working is below –

  1.  Web-   it is first layer of MERN stack called front-end and is managed by React.js, which is one of popular libraries of JavaScript. It is famous for creating powerful client side applications. With React we can build complex workspaces. React is also used for Mobile Applications (React Native), with React.js we can build Web Applications, one of the React core concept is Component based and that’s why we can use react code again and also in other application. React code is reusable.
  2. Server- Next layer is server side and mainly created and maintained by two parts of MERN stack which is Express.js and Node.js. These two components manage you at the same time because Express.js maintains a separate Server framework, which works within the Node.js server. Express.js is one of the most widely used ways to improve JavaScript Frameworks. Allows developers to open complex APIs (Application Interface) and web servers easily and simply. It also adds useful functions to Node.js HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) objects. Although on the other hand, Node.js plays a very important role in itself. It is an open source server location, and is an integral part of JavaScript code outside the browser. Node.js uses JavaScript continuously; therefore, it ultimately helps the computer user to quickly build any network service or any network or mobile application.

3. Database- It is the most important layer of MERN Stack and is managed by MongoDB, and its role is to store all data for our application in database. for example – content, statistics, information, user profiles, opinions and more. Saves a lot of data for security purposes. Maintains an accurate record, which usually returns data to the user whenever needed. Saves data to website. It generates two or more copies of the data files so that whenever the system fails, it can retrieve the exact information or data that the user has previously requested. It means that MongoDB is not based on a table-like website structure. On the other hand, it offers a completely different approach to data recovery and storage. Mongo DB is a very popular NoSQL (NoSQL or Non Structured Query Language) website, a site based on open source content. The term ‘NoSQL’ usually refers to an unrelated site that does not require a fixed schema or related interaction tables to store the required data on it. MongoDB stores data in a different format without related tables, including rows and columns.

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