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course overview

Digital Literacy is a self-paced course designed to provide participants with the skills needed to navigate technology in the workplace. It is comprised of five modules: Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Digital Communication Basics, Digital Documents Basics, and Digital Security Basics. Each module is made up of a course component and a posttest. Each course has instructional content, a knowledge-check quiz, and a hands-on practice exercise that allows the participant to apply the skills to real life, practical situations.

who should attend this course?

This course is specially beneficial for students of Primary Schools to introduce them to the world of computer and its fundamentals. Also, those who have zero knowledge of computer usage, internet usage etc.

Course Outline:

  • Learn about what is computer and its basics.
  • Learn about the parts of computer.
  • Learn about device types.
  • Learn about basic computer operations.
  • Learn about basics of internet.
  • Learn about MS Office.
  • Learn how to make documents.
  • Learn how to makes slides on PowerPoint.
  • Learn about social media basics.
  • Learn about digital communication methods.
  • Learn professional use of digital communication tools.
  • Learn about security.

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