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Course Duration:

2 Months


Morning + Evening

course overview

This course focuses on enabling trainees to learn and understand basic skills of setting-up and running online store from End-to-End including selecting niche market of products, domain hosting, selection of open-source E-Business software like Magento and Presta shop etc. Trainees will learn skill to set up online store quickly in Magento and Presta shop on localhost and on Cloud.

Different payment mechanism prevailing locally and internationally will be discussed at-length to enable trainees to know about the dynamics of global E-Commerce marketplace. Trainees will be able to learn the skill of optimizing the online store using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Facebook Ads, AdWords and AdSense will be discussed from the implementation viewpoint in reaching out to clients for revenue generation. 

who should attend this course?

  • Students of Arts, Business, Computer Science, Medical, Engineering and any other field.
  • Freelancers
  • Housewives
  • Shopkeepers and small business owners
  • Videographers, Jobs holders, entrepreneurs.
  • Anyone who want to start new career in graphic designing.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to ecommerce and know about some success stories.
  • Learn about the development of ecommerce.
  • Learn about the types and platforms of ecommerce.
  • Learn Ecommerce marketing skills.
  • Learn about Business dealings and how to communicate with clients.
  • Learn what virtual assistant is and what they do.
  • Learn about different techniques and tools that help you to make a virtual assistant.
  • Learn about affiliate marketing and its techniques and many more.
  • Learn about keyword research.
  • Learn about drop shipping and how to start it.
  • Understanding of different tools.
  • Know about customer service expectation.

Benefits Of ECommerce Course:

This course has following benefits for the trainees:

  • Analyze the impact of E-commerce on business models and strategy
  • Describe the major types of E-commerce.
  • Explain the process that should be followed in building an E-commerce presence.
  • Identify the key security threats in the E-Commerce environment 
  • Describe how procurement and supply chains relate to B2B E-Commerce

Some Top ECommerce Platforms:

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