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How To Rank Higher on Google

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In this age, where internet usage is massive, having your business’s presence on internet is a best strategy to promote your business and target your audience. But, if you don’t know how to rank your website higher on Google, the whole idea of having web presence may backfire. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in handy.

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Search Engine Optimization

When we think of SEO, the first thing comes in our mind is ‘ranking your website higher in google’. Yes the ultimate purpose of this is exactly what we think i.e. ‘Ranking’.  So, what exactly is SEO? Well, in very simple words;

“SEO comprises of all the best practices that we need to follow to rank our web pages higher in a Search Engine like Google”. Search engine optimization helps our web pages rank higher in SERP(Search Engine Results Page). 

Now again, we were thinking that what should be the next stage to promote our business after having a website? And we just got an idea that we need SEO to rank our website on top in Google search results. And if you don’t want to experiment your SEO learning on your business, then just hire SEO Services. Here are the common steps that we can take to improve our ranking on Google:

  1. Improve your website’s performance. Slow loading websites don’t have a scope in ranking at the top.
  2. Improve your on-page SEO
  3. Keep your content fresh and updated
  4. Try to present answers to readers’ queries
  5. Install SSL certificates to your website
  6. Use infographics more. Give ‘alt tags’ to your images
  7. Generate backlinks from authoritative websites
  8. Submit your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console

In this article, we will talk about these steps in detail. So let’s get started!

we need SEO to rank our website on top in Google search results. this is all you need to do to rank your website higher on Google:

1: On-Page SEO

2: Off-Page SEO

3: Technical SEO

Now, prior to implement SEO techniques, it is better to know how Google search Algorithm works. So lets talk about the working of Google search algorithm.  

How Does Google Search Algorithm Work?

Have you ever thought how does google know what data to show against a search query? Also when there is huge amount of data on millions of web pages on internet, it becomes even more difficult to decide which data to show. Basically, there are 3 things that Google does to decide what to show against a certain search query:

1: Crawling:

Search engines like Google use bots or spiders which crawl through the web pages when user types in a search query. These crawlers are the scanners that scan the HTML codes of web pages and collect the data that resembles the search query.

2: Indexing:

After crawlers are done scanning web pages, indexing comes in to play then. Web pages having similar data are grouped together. All the scanned(crawled) pages are indexed in Google’s database.

3: Ranking:

Now the final stage comes. Among the indexed pages, Google decides which pages to rank on the first page of the search results. Here, web pages having content that is more relevant to the search query (through the use of keywords) get ranked higher. Also, the quality, completeness, readability, meaningfulness and other factors about content are also looked at before ranking them.

Now, we know that what is SEO and how Google search algorithms work, let’s see how many types of SEO are there.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization

Primarily, there are 3 types of SEO that we need for increasing organic traffic on our website which are on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

By dividing SEO in three types, it gets easier to improve our organic search strategy.

In this article, we will look at all 3 types that may help us know that how we can rank web pages higher on google. Basically, this is all you need to do to rank your website higher on Google:

1: On-Page SEO

2: Off-Page SEO

3: Technical SEO

1: On-Page SEO:

On Page seo is all about your content on the website. It focuses on the strategies to help search engines understand that what kind of content a page has. It also tells search engines that website deserves to be ranked. Following are the factors that we need to look to improve our on page seo:

A: Keyword Research:

In on page seo, we optimize each individual page by assigning a keyword to it. A keyword or key phrase is a specific word or a term for which we want to rank our page and optimize its content keeping in mind our keyword. This is infact the search intent with which the user searches products and services. A keyword tells the search engine what content the page contains so that when a user searches with that keyword, it should find your page. Google offers a free keyword planner for keyword research. Things you need to keep in mind about keyword are:

  • Add keyword in your page title.
  • Add keyword in your page’s url
  • Add keyword in your H1 tag.
  • Add keyword in your first pragraph of the page.
  • Keep the keyword density in mind. Experts say that your keyword density needs to be around 1-2% i.e. use your targeted keyword every 100 words in your content

Note: Make sure you don’t force keywords i.e. put keywords in content in natural way.

B: Write Appealing Page Title:

While optimizing an individual page, make sure your title is compelling enough to be clicked on. Keep in mind that what search query the user will type. Decide your title after you have completed your keyword research.

C: Meta Description:

We mentioned above that title should be compelling enough to be clicked. Same goes with meta description of the page. It doesn’t effect the seo though, but a very useful thing to tell the search engine what our page is about and making the user click our link. Add your keyword in meta description as well.

Internal links are a very important thing in on page seo. They tell the users to navigate to other pages of your website and also indicate the page relevancy to the keywords.

E: Alt Tags Of Images:

When you use images on a specific page, make sure you use alt tags of all the images. This is a best practice in on page seo. Try to use targeted keyword in your images’ alt tags.

  • Name your images so they can be self-explanatory (tell what they are).
  • Don’t use underscore in between images’ names. Rather use dashes.

F: Make Content Easy To Read (Flesch Reading Scale):

Another important factor to lookt at while doing on page seo is content readability. While creating page conent, make sure you write paragraph that are not so long. A usual practice is to write paragraphs with three sentences. Sentences shouldn’t be too long. Try to use active voice sentences at most. Also use transitional words, it makes a little impact though.

While doing on page seo, assign a unique keyword to an individual page. Assigning one keyword to multiple pages and optimizing the content accordingly will result in Keyword Cannibalization. This is a situation in which pages with same keyword start eating each other’s traffic on google. Google too get confused, for both pages have same keyword. It doesn’t know which page to rank higher. In the end google ends up ranking neither.

For WordPress users, there are a few very famous plugins for SEO. Two of them are All In One SEO and Yoast SEO.

2: Off-Page SEO:

Off page seo simply refers to the activities that happen outside your website. We most of the time think of off page seo as Link Building.

These are the techniques that strengthen your website’s relation with other websites. They definitely help you to rank your website higher in search engine. If we roughly talk about the the types of off page seo, we find 2 types:

Inbound links are the links that refer to your website from someone else’s website. In other words, these are the links of your website on other websites. Inbound links play important role in ranking. They tell search engine how credible your website is.

One important thing about inbound links is that the websites that have your links must be of authority. It means that they should offer content that is useful for the visitors. They should offer the content that is searched by visitors. On the contrary, if your link is on websites that are not offering actual content, the idea of inbound links may backfire. And then we may not rank higher in search engine.

These are the links of other websites on your website. According to Semrush;

Outbound links are links that point from your website to another. They are often used within content to add more context and to link a reader to another source that will add additional and important information to the topic at hand.”

To improve the readers’ user experience, it is a good thing to add outbound links to give readers additional information about a specific topic. This also helps you in ranking your site in search engines. Make sure the links you are adding to your blog post or page give information about the topic you are writing for i.e. both the articles (your’s and the one you are linking to) are relevant to each other.

Following are the few common things you can do to improve your off page seo:

  • Do guest blogging
  • Be active on social media platforms
  • Use more of infographics in your blogposts
  • Join communities that have same niche as your’s. Also joining forums, blogs and social groups can help.

There’s a lot more on this topic. You can also check MOZ for more information.

3: Technical SEO:

Technical seo is all about optimizing your website’s backend. It is not content of the website. This seo refers to the structure of your website. It helps search engines check the quality of your website by improving the site’s readability and ultimately improving the user experience.

Technical seo includes the following:

  • Sitemap of your website
  • Website’s Responsiveness
  • Website’s Performance
  • Installing SSL Certificate
  • Website’s Indexing
  • Check Website’s crawlability
  • Architecture Of Website
  • Website’s Security
  • Website’s Structure of Data

Technical seo is something that if performed correctly, doesn’t make a huge impact on ranking of your website on search engines. But if the situation is otherwise, it can drastically reduce your website traffic by ruining user experience for which google ranks websites.


Long story short, we talked about how to rank higher in Google. We found that SEO is a set of practices we follow to rank our websites higher in search engines like Google. We also talked about the working of Google search engine and three types of SEO.

To rank higher in google, make sure you present original content. The content that adds value to the topic and solves the queries of the visitors. Now you have all the practices to rank your website, so time to apply them and attract organic traffic.

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