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Course Duration:

3 Months


Morning + Evening

Web Design & Development course overview

Web development course is designed to be highly practical and result-oriented ensuring that the participants are able to design and develop their own websites. Web design & development course in Gujranwala aims to teach the tools of web development, website hosting, domain name registrations, coding and getting a grip on the coding languages from basic HTML to CSS and JavaScript. Web development is a highly sought after skill to acquire and this course will enable students to gain practical knowledge of making effective websites.

who should attend this course?

  • Students of  Computer Science Engineering and any other field.
  • College students having interest in this field.
  • Freelancers.
  • Anyone who want to start new career as web developer.

Web Design & Development Course Outline:

  • Learn what is web design and development.
  • Learn skills that you need for design and development.
  • Learn about HTML5 which is essential language of the web.
  • Learn about CSS which is used for styling.
  • Learn what JavaScript is and its fundamentals.
  • Learn about bootstrap which is front-end framework.
  • Learn web principles.
  • Learn about Word Press and know how to make responsive websites.
  • Learn PHP and its fundamentals.
  • Learn about MySQL database and many more.

Benefits Of Web Design & Development Course:

This course will provide the following benefits:

  • Learn complete information architecture and create effective and attractive web pages
  • Learn graphic design principles and implement the design into the creation of stunning websites
  • Learn skills of analyzing the usability of a website
  • Understand how to plan and conduct user research related to web usability
  • Learn the fundamental language of the web: HTML & CSS
  • Learn about the use of CSS grid layout and flexbox
  • Learn different techniques for responsive web pages like media queries
  • Learn programming skills with use of Javascript & JQuery
  • Embed social media content into the web pages.

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